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Panna National Park: The adventures of aquatic organisms

The Panna National Park should be called the splendid house of aquatic and marine organisms. Yes, marine creatures are also thrilled by tourists in this extravagant garden.

India's Madhya Pradesh's district Chhatarpur and Panna's Panna National Park have plenty of lakes and waterfalls. The Ken River is the main attraction of this national park. Especially in the gardens, Eurasian eagles, owls, black ibis, crocodiles, and gourds, etc are especially fascinating tourists.
Ken River Panna National Park

Panna National Park is a truly reptile park spread over 543 square kilometers. "Panna National Park was set up in the year 1981." Although it was declared a tiger reserve in the year 1994-1995.
Panna National Park, located about 57 kilometers from Khajuraho, is a wonderful gift of nature.

This National Park with a great topography has a lot of features. The view of wildlife in the Panna National Park is part of Vindhya mountain Shankhalala.

In addition to elephants, tiger, cheetah, wolf, hyena, musk deer, black deer, wild cat, eagle, vulture, hawk, chinkara, etc. are preserved. Experts believe Panna National Park is one of the most organized national parks in India.

From the point of view of the system, it has also won Excellence Award in the year 2007. This area of ​​Panna state was the majestic hunting ground during the reign of the princely state. It is believed that Pandavas had spent most of the time in Panna in Panna. It is mentioned in the Mahabharata also.

The best time of the visit to Panna National Park is special from October to May. Tourists should make plans in the winter if there is plenty of fun to visit Panna National Park. Due to wildlife, they often come out of their den to enjoy the sunshine in winter.

Therefore, wintertime is considered to be the best for visibility. Particularly here in the summer, the weather here is pleasant. Say that the heatwave of summer does not have any special effect on Panna National Park.

The main attraction of Panna National Park is the Tiger Dynasty. Often tigers will be seen scavenging with the cubs. These moments are extremely exciting. Tiger cub looks very beautiful Particularly that King Cobra, dangerous and poisonous snakes also grow into this garden.

In fact, it is well known that emeralds are known for their diamond and tiger dynasty. Panna National Park is the best place for tourists for the tourism of the forests. Particularly that extinct species of wild animals are also preserved in Panna National Park.

The extinct species of the tiger dynasty will also be seen shouting in Panna National Park. Experts believe that after independence, it was declared a wildlife reserve area.

Particularly there are also many wonderful and beautiful resorts in the Panna National Park. So tourists can enjoy the bounty of tourism in the interior area of ​​Panna National Park, night and night. Nightlife makes tourists feel some special thrill. This tourism experience is memorable.

All necessary resources are available for Panna National Park. The nearest airport is Khajuraho Airport. The distance of Panna National Park from the airport is about 57 kilometers. The nearest railway station is Satna Junction. Tourists can also travel to Panna National Park by road.

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