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TN Patta Chitta 2020

TN Patta Chitta 2020| Patta Chitta Online Status Tamilnadu | தமிழ்நாடு நில தகவல்| Online Land Ownership Patta chitta| patta chitta Portal

Friends, nowadays we are going to give you all the information regarding TN Patta Chitta. we are going to give you all the information regarding the net application, eligibility, application standing and validity of TN Patta Chitta. currently, you are doing not ought to pay cash at CSC Center, you’ll apply for online Patta Chitta from home.

Patta Chitta is a particularly important official land record document issued by the govt. of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu government has launched a political candidate Patta Chitta web portal from that you’ll simply read land records / Patta Chitta details on-line.

Patta’s name involves our mind as presently because the name of the land record comes and the way to Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta? Eligibility for Patta Chitta, what’s the validity of TN Patta Chitta? Etc., queries arise. during this article, we are going to attempt to answer all of your questions, therefore you read this text fully.

What is Patta?

The Patta could be a legal and important document issued by the govt. of Tamil Nadu within the name of the important owner of the property. It is a revenue record of a particular piece of land. it’s additionally referred to as “Record of Rights” (ROR). Patta includes the subsequent details: –

  • Patta number
  • Survey range and Subdivision
  • Land Area data and Tax Details
  • Description of land being ground or dryland
  • Name of the possessor
  • Name of the district involved, taluka and village

What is Chitta?

It is a legal revenue document giving data regarding associate degree immovable property that is issued by the involved Village Administration Officer (VAO) and Thaluka workplace. Chitta provides relevant details regarding ownership, size, space of land.

By this, in priority, the land is assessed into Nanjai (wetland) and Punjai (dry land). The term “Nanjai” refers to a particular land or space with water bodies like canals, rivers, ponds, etc. whereas the word “Panjai” refers to the association of lesser water bodies with the land.

Note: The Tamil Nadu government failed to issue Chitta till 2015. At that point, Patta and Chitta were incorporate into one document with all the relevant details mentioned within the Patta.

TN Patta Chitta online Application method

You can simply apply for Patta Chitta by following the given steps: –

  • First of all, you have got to go to the Official website of the Department of Revenue, Tamil Nadu.TN Patta Chitta.

  • Now you have got to pick your District and Area on the new page. As an area, you’ll be the choice of urban and rural. choose your several urban or rural area and click on ‘Submit‘.
  • For Urban Area Select your district, taluka, and village and choose one from Patta or Survey number and fill the CAPTCHA code and click on “Submit“.

For Rural Area

  • Enter your district, taluk, city, ward, block, survey number, subdivision range and click on on “Submit” whereas filling the CAPTCHA code.
  • If all the small print ar found correct, the city Survey Land Register can issue a certificate online with a specific property or land data, which can embody data like the variety of land survey number, locality, municipal gate range, etc.

Transfer of Patta Chitta

The transfer of Patta Chitta is completed within the event of a property sale. the method of Patta transfer is comparable to the registration process for Patta land. Documents needed for the transfer of TN Patta Chitta ar as follows: –

Copy of land sale record

Proof of possession of property, water or electricity bill, etc.

An affidavit

The major stages of Patta Chitta transfer ar as follows: –

  • For this, you ought to submit an associate degree application to your nearest Tehsildar office.
  • Your application is going to be accepted or rejected once examination of the required property supported the documents given the applying type.

How to Check the standing of TN Patta Chitta

The major stage to ascertain Patta Chitta standing is as follows:-

  • Go to the Tamil Nadu E-District Official website.
  • Enter the ‘Application ID’ and therefore the mentioned ‘Captcha Values’.
  • After that, you click on “Get Status“, currently you’ll be ready to see the standing of Patta Chitta application.

Validation of your Patta Certificate

You can check the validity of issued certificates online, for this you have got to require some steps once that the standing of Patta Chitta is going to be mirrored.

Patta Chitta licensed Certificate Fee

You can get Patta Chitta licensed certificate online by depositing a fee of Rs 100.


How to view Patta Chitta online from Tamil Nadu?

Information regarding view Patta Chitta online is given within the article, therefore you ought to read this text carefully.

Is it important to own a Patta?

Yes, Patta certifies that the person owns the land or property. Also, if there’s a dispute associated with the property, the Patta will be issued as proof.

How am I able to transfer Patta?

The legal heir has the correct to transfer the Patta in his name within the event of the death of the owner of the land or property within the absence of the desire. within the event of a can by a decedent, the beneficiary will transfer the Patta in his name with the consent of others. For any data during this regard, scan the heading “Transfer of Patta Chitta”.

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